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The most unbelievable thing about India is its mixture. We have so many languages, dialects, religions, and festivals and yet we continue to co-exist in a sensibly peaceful way. At every turn, stepping from one state to the other, one will find a singular tradition, cuisine, attire, and language! It is just amazing …
By exploring India you will find a little magical about India, it does not matter if someone visiting it for the first time or probably the 50th time. I accompany you as a driver to attractive touristic sights and would enjoy showing you my country, its people, and culture. It would please me to answer your questions about our customs and habits, give you tips on shopping on the market or how to order in a restaurant. If you have already chosen your favourite hotel, I could organise the booking, but I also could recommend to you hotels of various classes and effect the reservation.
I would be glad to plan an individual tour tailored to your wishes. For a first idea, you will find some tour propositions below. Of course, changes of the route itinerary are always possible, even after your arrival in India.
And last but not least: You are covered by insurance on any kind of voyage offered.

Indian Holidays India is an honest effort to give you the most enthralling shades of this mystical land. The holiday packages offered in this websites also reflect the same thing and are hence theme based, instead of being destination based as you will find in the case of all the other websites that you will browse.

Choose the theme that you think you will like to explore, and we would with our tailor-made services, take you on the most enriching holidays of your life through the lands, deserts, flora, fauna, people, festivals, temples, churches, beaches, snow-capped peaks and all the different destinations of this great Indian landscape to give you a memorable travel experience that you will remember for years to come.
Aastha Travel India tours are planned in such a way that they give an ample range of holiday options to various age-groups of people of our society. Apart from being pocket-friendly and courteous, the entire length of the tour is operated by an experienced group of professionals, who always keep the visitor’s convenience on the top of their agenda. Right from ensuring the safety of the young tourists taking up our adventure & wildlife Tours, to the care of the elderly during a pilgrimage tour, Aastha Travel India tours lays special stress on keeping the tourist’s comfort level to the maximum.
The places covered in Aastha Travel India tours packages are also very carefully chosen to go perfectly with the visitor’s chosen theme. That’s why; it will be all the more appropriate if we say that Aastha Travel India tours are a true representation of this great journey of human civilisation called India.

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